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Wendy Williams and Concerns for her Capacity

Wendy Williams has asked a New York court to restore her access to a bank account that was frozen amid talks about the media personality’s ongoing health issues.
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Why are Siblings Battling over Mom’s Estate?

A 14-year-long legal fight among five siblings over a Queens woman’s estate has gotten so nasty that it landed two elderly sisters in jail, and now one of them may lose her home.
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What was Stephen Sondheim Estate Plan?

Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim left behind an estate estimated to be worth as much as $75 million to his husband, charities and a dozen other friends, court papers show.
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Do I Really Need a Will?

There are certain financial goals that it's important to check off your list, like having enough money in a savings account to cover emergency expenses and eliminating unhealthy debt. However, here's one goal many people gloss over -- creating a will.
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How to Avoid Giving Estate to Your Ex

State laws generally make it so that once a married couple is divorced, ex-spouses lose all property rights.
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Can You Keep Your Children from Inheriting Your Money?

I’ve decided I no longer want to leave my estate to my children. They are ungrateful brats. How can I set things up to give my money to charity when I die?
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Storing Passwords in Case of Death

Deborah Placet had no idea how to access her husband’s cryptocurrency and other digital accounts after his unexpected death at age 52.
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What Is Elder Law?

Estate Planning may not be something you necessarily WANT to think about, but it could protect your interests and wishes long after you are gone.
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What are the Added Benefits in the New Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage health insurance plans for 2022 offer seniors more options than ever.
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Can a Trust Be Created to Protect a Pet?

Based on a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association, as of 2020, 70% of households in the U.S. have pets—about 90.5 million households.
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