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Is Prince’s Estate Settled Yet?

The administrators of the late musician's estate recently settled a complicated dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over the value of Prince's assets. The precise value was undisclosed, however, although it could exceed $100 million.
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What If I Become a ‘Sudden’ Caregiver for a Senior?

While the sudden caregiver has no preparation, no warning signs or slow changing of circumstance, the long-term caregiver certainly experiences situations of crisis.
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Is It Better to Inherit Stock or Cash?

If you’re planning to leave your heirs any sort of inheritance, you’re already giving them a valuable financial leg up.
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Can I Avoid Password Problems for My Family in Estate Planning?

Creating a list of digital accounts and instructions on how to gain access to them is now akin to having a traditional will or a trust in estate planning.
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James Brown Estate Battle Resolved … Almost, but Not Quite

For more than a decade, Brown’s heirs and estate administrators, including Mr. Bauknight and Adele Pope, a former executor, have battled in court over the value of his estate.
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What are Digital Assets in a Will?

Most family members may not have a clue what we have floating out in cyberspace. Accessing or deleting accounts can be tricky for family members, if they don’t have your login credentials.
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Can I Avoid Taxes when I Inherit?

Unless you spend your winters in Aspen and your summers in the Hamptons, you probably don’t have to worry about paying federal estate taxes on an inheritance. In 2021, the federal estate tax doesn’t kick in, unless an estate exceeds $11.7 million. The Biden administration has proposed lowering the exemption, but even that proposal wouldn’t affect estates valued at less than about $6 million.
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Can I Use a Roth IRA in Estate Planning?

Roth IRAs and Roth IRA conversions have received a lot of press recently. Between the various tax proposals that have been floating around Congress and normal year-end tax planning strategies, Roth IRAs are a popular topic.
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How Do You Split an Estate in a Blended Family?

Good estate planning must consider more than what you want to happen to your property and for your beneficiaries. It also must consider what you intentionally want to avoid happening.
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Any Ideas How to Pay for Long-Term Care?

The costs of long-term care for older adults can be significant. Federal Medicare health insurance benefits do not cover most of these costs. Most people who incur costs for long-term care cover them with a combination of personal savings, long-term care insurance and Medicaid, among other sources.
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