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Does a TOD Supersede a Trust?

Both help you pass down assets, while avoiding the time and expense of probate. However, one has much more flexibility than the other.
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Is It Necessary to have a Medical Power of Attorney?

Selecting medical powers of attorney is an important step that aging parents should take to ensure they get the care they wan,t if they are unable to advocate for themselves.
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What Should I Know about the Omicron Variant?

Here’s what we know so far about omicron — plus tips for keeping yourself safe as it spreads.
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Do I Have to Pay Off Husband’s Debts after He Dies?

Losing your spouse is a painful, confusing time, but add to that repeated calls from an aggressive debt collector and a bad situation suddenly can get even worse.
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Will My Social Security Benefits Be Taxed?

Uncle Sam is not the only one looking for a piece of your retirement income. Is your state on this list?
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Do Young Adults Need Estate Planning?

Highfalutin terms like “estate planning” can put off younger adults and conjure grandiose notions of excessive wealth.
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Who Should I Name as Trustee?

You created your revocable living trust to hold your assets. You did so because of the probate avoidance and other benefits. You may have included sophisticated tax-planning provisions in your trust.
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What’s the Best Way to Mess Up Estate Plan?

Here are the top five mistakes people make that upend their planning.
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What Foods Help as I Age?

As we age, the foods we eat can greatly affect our fitness, appearance, quality of life and disease risk.
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How Do I Handle Mom’s Healthcare Needs as She Ages?

If you're a caregiver for a loved one, you have a lot on your plate. However, one of the most difficult tasks — especially if they have any health conditions — may be figuring out how best to communicate with their medical team.
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